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I teach biochemistry in the Department of Chemistry and Physics at Mansfield University, a "small, rural, public university in the liberal arts tradition." We offer biochemistry in three courses at different levels:

  • Organic and Biochemistry: the second semester of a two-semester sequence taken by environmental sciences and dietetics majors and by others for general education science credit
  • Introduction to Biochemistry: taken by dietetics majors, fairly in-depth, emphasizing in particular the biochemistry relevant to human nutrition
  • Biochemistry: one-semester upper-division for science majors

Since I began teaching here in 1992, I have tried to find biochemistry laboratory exercises that are instructive, workable, and low-cost. I have adapted a few from various published manuals, but by and large I have chosen to develop my own to suit my own teaching objectives and available facilities.

On the assumption that others might be dealing with the same challenge, I thought it might be helpful to share what I've come up with. These pages are complete, but I will continue to edit them as the courses evolve. To look over the laboratory curriculum for any of the above courses, click on its title. If you have comments or questions, send them to me by e-mail at the address below.

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