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Professor of English

Department of English and Modern Languages
Mansfield University of Pennsylvania
Mansfield, PA 16933

Tel 570-662-4585
Fax 570-662-4126




Dr. John M. Ulrich is Professor of English at Mansfield University of Pennsylvania, where he teaches courses in Monsters in Literature and Film, 19th century British Literature, Literary Theory and Criticism, the Beat Generation, among others.  He is co-editor of GenXegesis: Essays on Alternative Youth (sub)Culture and author of Signs of Their Times, a study of three 19thcentury British writers.  His current project focuses on comic book adaptations of Beowulf, Frankenstein, and Dracula.



ENG 3320: The Beat Generation

Spring 2012










GenXegesis: Essays on "Alternative" Youth (sub)Culture

Co-edited with Andrea L. Harris

University of Wisconsin Press, 2003





Signs of Their Times: History, Labor, and the Body in Cobbett, Carlyle, and Disraeli

Ohio University Press, 2002





The Strouse Edition of the Works of Thomas Carlyle: Essays on Politics and Society

Co-edited with Lowell T. Frye

(work in progress, to be published by the University of California Press)







"Carlyle's Chartism and the Politics of the (In)Articulate."  Studies in the Literary Imagination.  (publication expected 2013)


"English Program Assessment and the Institutional Context."  Pedagogy  13.1 (forthcoming).


"Tenure, Promotion, and Textual Studies at the 'Teaching' Institution."  Profession 2007 (December 2007): 116-122.


"Thomas Carlyle, Richard Owen, and the Paleontological Articulation of the Past."

Journal of Victorian Culture 11.1 (Spring 2006): 30-58.


"Thomas Carlyle, Edward Irving, and Millennialist Discourse."  Literature and Belief  25:1-2 (2005): 55-87.


"Generation X: A (sub)Cultural Genealogy." In GenXegesis: Essays on "Alternative" Youth (sub)Culture.

 John M. Ulrich and Andrea L. Harris, eds.

Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 2003.  3-37.






"Carlyle's Chartism and the Politics of the (In)Articulate."

Thomas Carlyle Conference.  University of Edinburgh, Scotland, 2012.


"Beowulf as Superhero."

Comic Arts Conference.  WonderCon.  Anaheim, 2012.


"The Portfolio Writes Back:  Theory and Practice in English Program Assessment."

MLA Roundtable.  The Modern Language Association Convention.  Seattle, 2012.


"'Carlyle too was at the Opera God help us!':  Audience, Performance, and Spectacle at Her Majesty's Theatre."

The North American Victorian Studies Association Conference.  Vanderbilt University, 2011.


“Thomas Carlyle and the Function of Criticism at the Present Time.”

The Carlyle Conference.  University of Glasgow, Crichton Campus, Dumfries, Scotland, 2008.


"Confessions of Two Dangerous Minds: Thomas Carlyle and Chuck Barris."

Thomas Carlyle Resartus Conference.  Villanova University, 2007.


"Tenure, Promotion, and Textual Editing at the Teaching Institution."

The Modern Language Association Convention.  Philadelphia, 2006.





"Monster Literature."

Lecture delivered to students and faculty at Nanjing Normal University (Nanjing), China Pharmaceutical University (Nanjing), and Changshu Institute of Technology (Changshu), China.  May 2011.


"Literary Research and Publication in the United States."

Lecture delivered to faculty at China Pharmaceutical University, Nanjing, China, and Changshu Institute of Technology, Changshu, China.  May 2011.







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