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My son, Jay, daughter, Patty, and I enjoying a summer evening at Fenway.

Welcome to Fall 2011 semester:

Access to required textbooks from the beginning of the semester is critical for success in your courses.  Students who plan to use internet resources to buy their textbooks should purchase them immediately.  Lead times of 3 weeks or more have been reported by unhappy students looking to save a few dollars.

 Principles of Accounting I:   

The instructor does refer to the textbook frequently in class.  Accordingly, those with the ebook version should plan to bring a computer to class on a regular basis.  Homework and quizzes are submitted and graded using MyAccountingLab.

TEXTBOOK:  Accounting, Horngren, Harrison & Oliver 8th Edition, Prentice Hall including MyAccountingLab [if purchased new].  The text is available looseleaf or hardcover. 
 MyAccountingLab:  http://myaccountinglab.mathxl.com/login_acct.htm  Purchase directly from login site or from campus bookstore.

Used textbooks should be available.

  Introduction to Federal Income Tax:  

TEXTBOOK:  Taxation of Individuals, 2011 Edition, Spilker, ISBN-9780077430405, 2011, 2010, McGraw Hill

Used textbooks should be available.  ISBN numbers may vary, be sure the text is the 2011 Edition.  A used textbook will require students to purchase the CONNECT access code separately.  The access code is available online through the publisher website.


Monday & Friday:  10:30 am 11:20 am
Tuesday:  1:00 pm 3:00 pm
Wednesday:  12:30 -1:20 pm
And by appointment

It is suggested you call ahead to make sure I am in my office before you come by, X4517.  Occasionally I am unable to be in my office at these designated times.


Students planning to meet with faculty for advising often request an appointment.  Email me if you want to set aside a special time when we can meet.  In your email give me the time and date, and I will email you back a confirmation.  Please give me at least 48 hours to read and respond.  My email address is at the bottom of this web page.

If you are my advisee, internship positions are occasionally available!

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