CANs List Curriculum Action Notice

From: Academic Affairs Committee Date: October 29, 1998
This is a bulletin from the Academic Affairs Committee concerning proposed curriculum actions. Please forward any comments, questions, or concerns to Howard Iseri, Elliott Hall 213-B, ext.4701,
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New Program Proposal - BS Business Administration - Management Track. Program description: Emphasizes the key challenges facing organizations today and in the new century; and with how managers respond to the changed environment. Such challenges require adapting to the market place, changing the corporate culture, improving communications, enhancing motivation and performance, empowering employees, developing learning organizations, and adhering to ethical principles and social responsibility.

Exposes students, as future managers, to the changing worker values, workers' needs and changing organizational structures and designs to meet these changes. It deals with the critical issues of how managers set and accomplish organizational goals.

blank Courses specified in gen ed: MA 125, MA 170 or MA 231, ECO 101, ECO 102, and SOC 101.

Business Administration Core: (All 3 credits) ACC 110, ACC 111, CIS 203, BUS 230, BUS 330, BUS 349, BUS 350, BUS 380, BUS 410, BUS 490.

Management Track: (All 3 credits) BUS 451, BUS 360, BUS 302.

Electives: Choose 3 courses from: (All 3 credits) BUS 310, BUS 415, COM 360, PSY 410, PSY 491.

New Course Proposal - BUS 360 - International Management (3). Catalog description: Presents in-depth description of the emerging field of international management. Comprehensive coverage of both the strategic and behavioral dimensions of international management. Exploring key cultural issues and problems in management across frontiers related to leadership, decision making, motivation and control. It deals with the unique managerial risks and challenges resulting from complicated economic, legal-political and sociocultural forces. Prerequisites: BUS 230 - Management Principles.

ER Update - BSN Nursing - RN to BSN. An updated ER is being submitted to AAC for RN's obtaining a BSN Nursing. There are no program changes.

Program Change Proposal - BS Computer and Information Science - Computer Science Track. Nature of changes: Renumber CIS 105 to CIS 206, renumber CIS 205 to CIS 306, add CIS 303, replace CIS 340 or CIS 490 with CIS 340 and CIS 490, require major/related electives to be taken at 300 level or higher, delete CIS 310, and delete CIS 430.

New Course Proposal - SPE 320 - Strategies for Adolescents with Mild Disabilities (3). Catalog description: A study of cognitive and metacognitive strategies with emphasis on how to assess, plan , design and implement strategies for adolescent students with mild disabilities. Strategy instruction will include the areas of reading, writing, mathematics, study skills, social skills, transition, and employment. Prerequisites: none.

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