CANs List Curriculum Action Notice

From: Academic Affairs Committee Date: September 3, 1999
This is a bulletin from the Academic Affairs Committee concerning proposed curriculum actions. Please forward any comments or concerns to Bill Yacovissi, Elliott Hall 213-B, ext.4764,
The Mathematics Department has proposed changes to three of their degree programs.
B.S. Mathematics, Actuarial Science Emphasis
  • Reduce the require for 6 sh of electives in mathematics to 3sh
  • Require CIS 203, Software for Business
B.S. Mathematics
  • Remove the requirement of MA 345
  • Increase mathematics electives from 9sh to 12sh
  • Allow up to 6sh in phy, chm, bio, cs, or eco to be used to fulfill the mathematics electives requirement
B.A. Mathematics
  • Remove the requirement for phy 210 and phy 211 from the natural sciences block

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