CANs List Curriculum Action Notice

From: Academic Affairs Committee Date: January 26, 2000
This is a bulletin from the Academic Affairs Committee concerning proposed curriculum actions. Please forward any comments or concerns to Bill Yacovissi, Elliott Hall 113-A, ext.4764,
New Courses
Geg 345 Graphics and Web Site Design
Geg 365 Urban and Economic Geography, replaces the separate courses

Course Changes
Course number change for Environmental Issues Geg 222 to Geg 122
Course number change for Map Reading and Air Photo Interpretation from Geg 340 to Geg 290
Course number change for Cartography Geg 320 to Geg 280
Name change from Measurement Techniques in Geography to Geostatistics

Course Deletions
Geg 350 Urban Geography - replaced by combined course
Geg 360 Economic Geography - replaced by combined course
Geg 499 Honors Course
Geg 540 Conservation of Natural Resources
Geg/Gel 412 Glacial Geology
Gel 401 Field Techniques in Geology
Rpl 352 Recreational Land Use Planning
Rpl 460 Transport Systems
Rpl 480 Topical Seminar

Program Changes
B.S. Environmental Science - reflects course number and name changes, removes Land Use Policy, adds Intro to Regional Planning and Cartography, adds Ecology and Nature Writing to the options. Reduces the required electives.

B.A. Geography - reflects course number and name changes, removes Cartography, Geographic Research, Measurement Techniques and Economic, adds Map and Air Photo and GIS. The electives are increased from 12 sh to 18 sh, departmental requirements are raised from 36 sh to 37 sh.

B.S. Geography - reflects course number and name changes, removes Economic Geography, adds Map and Air Photo, Departmental requirements are raised from 39 sh to 40 sh.

B.S. Regional Planning Emphasis - reflects course number and name changes, removes Geg 222, Environmental Issues, Geg 350, Urban Geography, and Geg 360, Economic Geography. Adds new courses Geg 365, Urban/Economic Geography and Geg 290, Map/Air Photo Interpretation. Reduces Planning Intership from 12 sh to 6 sh. Overall reduce sh from 54 to 46.

A.S. Mapping Technology - reflects course number and name changes, remove Remote Sensing and Advanced Cartography from the program. Reduce sh from 33 to 27.

B.S.E. Earth and Space Science Education - revise Gel 122 Historical Geology to Gel 322, replace Gel 360 Rocks, Minerals, and Fossils with Gel 361 Mineralogy/Petrology, revise list of courses to select from for electives.

Geology Minor - Replace Gel 122, Historical Geology with Gel 102, Environmental Geology.

New Program
B.S. Geography, Mapping Technology Emphasis - 50 sh major with 41 sh in Geography and 9 sh in related areas

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