CANs List Curriculum Action Notice

From: Academic Affairs Committee Date: March 20, 2000
This is a bulletin from the Academic Affairs Committee concerning proposed curriculum actions. Please forward any comments or concerns to Bill Yacovissi, Elliott Hall 113-A, ext.4764,
Item 1

A previous CAN [see 02/17/00] outlined changes in Academic Policies affecting Minimum Academic Standards (p.47), Academic Dismissal (p. 48), Class Standing (p.48), Second Baccalaureate Degree (p. 49), Financial Aid (.26), and Academic Dismissal Policy for Transfer Students (p.15). Mostly these changes bring our policies into line with a 120 credit degree by using 15, 30, 45. 60, 75, 90, and 105 as our semester and year markers. However, the first part of those changes dealing with Minimum Academic Standards has been revised as follows:

All degree-seeking students must meet the minimum academic standards of the institution. The minimum academic requirements for continuation at Mansfield are:

if below
credit hours attempted --
credit hours attempted --
credit hours attempted --
credit hours attempted --
credit hours attempted --
1.20 QPA
1.40 QPA
1.60 QPA
1.80 QPA
2.00 QPA
2.00 QPA**
2.00 QPA**
2.00 QPA**
2.00 QPA
2.00 QPA

**A student who attempts 45 or fewer credits, is academically dismissed, and subsequently is reinstated by the Academic Review Board will be assigned to the University Learning Center to participate in the basic skills and remediation program. Failure to participate in the basic skills and remediation program will be considered at any subsequent dismissal hearings.

Item 2

The Board of Governors policy on degree standards requires that 40% of the total baccalaureate degree requirements must consist of upper level coursework. It allows each campus to decide for itself how to define upper and lower division coursework. At Mansfield we decided to continue to use 300 as the breakpoint, which touched off a lot of renumbering of 200 level courses to 300 to meet degree standards. Recently some departments have rediscovered the value of 200 level major courses in setting up a four year sequence of courses, but don't want to run afoul of degree standards. One solution is to lower the breakpoint between upper and lower division courses o 250 rather than 300. Sophomore level upper division courses would be numbered 250 to 299. Sophomore level lower division courses would be numbered 200 to 249. The consequence of this change will be a gradual renumbering of some course from ZZZ 305, which department recommend students take in their Sophomore year, to ZZZ 270, which departments recommend students take in their Sophomore year.

Item 3

Proposed new course AHD 201: Personal Development and Life Choices

The course will give each student an opportunity to examine their personality, life management skills, values, and relationship to making appropriate life choices. The course is designed to increase each student's awareness of the responsibilities and control they can impact upon their own life experience through a holistic approach to living. A strong emphasis will be placed on a rational-emotive, reality-oriented approach to everyday life management skill building and health self-esteem development.

Item 4

Proposed new course SCI 500: Special Topics in Science Education

This is a course for practicing teachers and students enrolled in Education programs.

Item 5

New course proposal MAP 670: Recital

Graduate students currently enroll in a course for lessons, ensemble, recital, etc.. The course does not specify the activity. Creating a Recital course will provide a more descriptive [rest of message missing]

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