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Academic Affairs Committee


November 20, 2000

This is a bulletin from the Academic Affairs Committee concerning proposed curriculum actions. Within the next 10 days, please forward any comments or concerns to the AAC Chair, Lynn Pifer. Belknap Hall 05, x4384,

Proposal: Institute 3 hour periods for final exams.


Rationale for the proposed three hour final periods:

  1. It will give faculty greater flexibility in how they use this class period.
  2. Assuming that most faculty will still prepare a final for a two hour time block (after all we still have to grade what we create), it will give students more time to put forth their best effort.
  3. It will likely give students more time between finals.
  4. A lunch break is built into the schedule.
  5. Some of our students have jobs and/or must arrange day care. Having a final on the day of their regular class meeting and at a time similar to when their class meets would likely be less inconvenient.


Proposed final schedule:

If your class meets on:

then your final is on:

MWF 8-9

M 8-11

MWF 9-10

W 8-11

MWF 10-11

F 8-11

MWF 11-12

M 12-3

MWF 12-1

W 12-3

MWF 1-2

F 12-3

MWF 2-3

M 3-6

MWF 3-4

W 3-6

MWF 4-5

F 3-6

TTh 8-9:15

T 8-11

TTh 9:30-10:45

Th 8-11

TTh 11-12:15

T 12-3

TTh 2-3:15

Th 12-3

TTh 3:30-4:45

T 3-6

TTh 5-6:15

Th 3-6

Classes that meet at other times will have a final on the day and at the regularly scheduled time.


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