CANs List Curriculum Action Notice

From: Academic Affairs Committee Date: September 21, 2000
This is a bulletin from the Academic Affairs Committee concerning proposed curriculum actions. Please forward any comments or concerns to the AAC Chair, Lynn Pifer. Belknap Hall 05, x4384,
The Senate Executive Committee has voted to create a temporary task force to handle the new Information Literacy "I" and Global Awareness "G" designations in the IM2000 General Education model. The Academic Affairs Committee has written the following charge for the "IG" Task Force:


A task force of faculty who have demonstrated a significant interest in Information Literacy and Global Awareness will serve a three semester term from Spring 2001 until Spring 2002. The IG Taskforce will write the criteria for "I" and "G" course designations and will review the initial proposals for Information Literacy "I" and Global Awareness "G" designations.  Beginning Fall 2002, the IG Taskforce and WAC will be dissolved; a new WIG committee will be created.


a. Six members shall be appointed by AAC: five from academic departments and one librarian.


a. Finalize the criteria for "I" and "G" course designations and distribute to faculty.

b. Create an "I" and "G" checklist, based on the WAC checklist, and distribute to faculty.

c. Review and approve requests for "I" and "G" course designations.

d. Ensure that "I" and "G" designations are appropriately publicized.

e. Ensure appropriate status of "I" and "G" courses.

f. Review established "I" and "G" courses.

g. Suggest changes in criteria, policies and procedures to the Academic Affairs Committee.

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