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Academic Affairs Committee


February 12, 2001

This is a bulletin from the Academic Affairs Committee concerning proposed curriculum actions. Within the next 10 days, please forward any comments or concerns to the AAC Chair, Lynn Pifer. Belknap Hall 05, x4384,

The following PROGRAM CHANGE is being proposed by the department of Communication, Theatre, and Art.


Rationale for changes: Enhancing the B.S.E. in Art Education to comply with the new regulations of the Pennsylvania Department of Education, which include requiring 6 credits of math, and 3 credits of English comp, and 3 credits of English literature. Enhancing the program will make the Art B.S.E. more consistent with the education programs in Education, Special Education, and music, and with NCATE's expectations. Adding these courses will require cutting other areas to keep the degree program under 128 hours.



Add Ed 102 Introduction to Education (to Gen Ed electives block)

Add SPE 252 Inclusion of Diverse Learners

Delete Ed 302 Instructional Technology


In compliance with PDE Act 354:

Add 6 credits of math (3 in core, 3 in Gen Ed electives)

Add an ENG lit. course (in Lang/Lit block)


To keep the degree under 128 hours:

Move ED/PSY 205 (Ed Psychology) to Social Science block

Move ARH 101 from right side to the Fine Arts Block (rationale: New GE rule #4 states that a maximum of 4 credits from the major discipline may be used in Distribution Blocks I-V. Art requests to use 3 credits from the major discipline in the fine arts block.)

72 credit hours on the right side of the ER + 55 on the left = 127 hours for the new B.S.E. in Art





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