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January 19, 2002 (b)

This is a bulletin from the Academic Affairs Committee concerning proposed curriculum actions. Within the next 10 days, please forward any comments or concerns to the AAC Chair, Helen Biblehimer, Elliott Hall 203, x4521,

The department of Geography & Geology has proposed the following curricular changes:


#1 Action: Course Change to GEG 375 Geographic Information Systems.

Purpose and Nature of the change: Change number for GEG 375 to GEG 270 because the new number more appropriately conveys our desire that students take this during their sophomore year. Old Course Number: 375 New Course Number 270


#2 Action: Change credits for RPL 496

Purpose and nature of the change: Change the credits for RPL 496 Planning Internship from 12 to 3-12. This change will allow for a wider range of internship possibilities.


#3 Action: Program Deletion: BSE Social Studies Comprehensive (Geography Emphasis)

Rationale for elimination: Place this program in moratorium. The state has eliminated this program. Impact on other programs: there may be a small reduction in the number of students in some Geography courses. It will not impact staffing or course offerings in any way.


#4 Action: Program Deletion: Geography B.A.

Rationale for elimination: Place this program in moratorium. The department no longer intends to offer this program.

Impact on other programs: No effect anticipated. This program will be supplemented by the B.S. Geography. No courses will be changed, added or deleted as a result of placing this program in moratorium, nor will it impact the load of any faculty member.


#5 Action: Program Change: Geography B.S.

Rationale for change: The geography B.A. has been placed in moratorium. This program is intended to supplant it.

List of changes:

Delete GEG 300 Geographic research

Delete GEG 364 Geostatistics

Increase upper level Geography Electives from 15 to 18 SH

Change total Geography credits required to 41

Reduce total credits for degree from 128 to 120

Add GEG 270 Geographic Information Systems


#6 Action: Program Change: Geography B.S. (Environmental Emphasis)

Rationale for change: To broaden the degree by allowing more options for major-related classes and to lower the total credits required for the emphasis.

List all Changes:

Reduce degree requirements from 128 to 122

Reduce departmental requirements from 50 - 47

Add GEG 496 (Internship), HPE (First Aid/CPR), and RPL 342 (Land Use policy) to list of major-related courses.

Remove GEL 121 (Physical Geology) from the list of major-related courses

Move GEG 101 (World Regional Geography) to Gen Ed Social Sciences

Move GEG 102 (Environmental Geology) and RPL 102 (Intro to Regional Planning) to Gen Ed Electives

Require 6 cr. Of Geography electives be upper level








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