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Curriculum Action Notice


Academic Affairs Committee


April 14, 2002

This is a bulletin from the Academic Affairs Committee concerning proposed curriculum actions. Within the next 10 days, please forward any comments or concerns to the AAC Chair, Helen Biblehimer, Elliott Hall 203, x4521,

The department of Philosophy and Liberal Studies has requested the following change:


Action #1 Program Change: Pre-Law Minor

Rationale for change:

  1. PSC 324 is no longer offered.
  2. Another elective is needed because completing the minor is difficult due to the infrequency of some of the course offerings.

List all changes:

  1. Substitute CJA 324 for PSC 324.
  2. Add BUS 410 as an elective.

Program Description for Catalog:

The Pre-Law minor consists of 18 semester hours. Introduction to Logic (PHL230) is required. Fifteen hours of elective must be chosen from the following list: PSC 101, PSY 313, CJA 324, PSC 404, BUS 410, COM 425.



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