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Academic Affairs Committee


April 14, 2002

This is a bulletin from the Academic Affairs Committee concerning proposed curriculum actions. Within the next 10 days, please forward any comments or concerns to the AAC Chair, Helen Biblehimer, Elliott Hall 203, x4521,

The department of Education and Special Education has requested the following curricular change:

Action: Program Change: Remove Program from Moratorium: Exceptional Persons

Rationale for change:

Remove from moratorium the Exceptional Persons Degree and rename it Leadership for Children and Adults with Disabilities. This would provide students with a non- teaching option. Teaching is only one of a variety of positions individuals can obtain working with children and adults with disabilities.

New Degree and Program Title: Leadership for Children and Adults with Disabilities BS

List all changes:

  1. Name Change from Exceptional Persons to Leadership for Children and Adults with Disabilities
  2. Special Education Courses Required - 36 SH
    ADD- SPE 252 Inclusion of Diverse Learners (3)
    ADD- SPE 290 Learning Disabilities (3)
    Move to Major Related Electives:
    SPE 375 Residn Facil Disabled
    SPE 377 Adult Education
    SPE 407 Transition to Adult Life
    Change Credits
    SPE 450 Internship from 12 credits to 14 credits
  3. Major Related Electives - 12 SH
    ADD -ELE 220 Child Development
    PSY 310 Social Psychology
    PSY 321 Adolescent Psychology (3)
    PSY 324 Adult Development and Aging (3)
    PSY 290 Life Span Dev. (3)
    PSY 491 Human Resource Management
    SWK 241 Introduction to Social Work (3)
    Any SPE course
  4. Cognate - Management - 15 SH
    ADD -PSY 311 Intro to Small Group Processes
    PSY 313 Psychology of Interviewing
    PSY 332 Psychology of Stress Management
    PSY 491 Human Resource Management
    BUS 130 Introduction to Business and Management
    SOC 301 Organizational Behavior
  5. Change in required semester hours: 128 SH to 120 SH


Program Description for Catalog:

The department also offers a B.S. program in Leadership for Children and Adults with Disabilities designed for those interested in working with individuals with disabilities, not requiring teacher certification.

Career opportunities include management and advocacy in areas of human service providers. This degree would also allow the individual to pursue a graduate degree in related services for child and adults with disabilities.


Program Objectives:

To prepare individual for career opportunities advocating for and working directly with children and adults with disabilities (non-teaching).

To provide an undergraduate foundation for individuals wishing to pursue graduate work in related services for individuals with disabilities.


Impact on other programs:

None. Psychology, Sociology and Social Work did not believe the increase in enrollment would be problematic.


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