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Curriculum Action Notice


Academic Affairs Committee


September 7, 2002

This is a bulletin from the Academic Affairs Committee concerning proposed curriculum actions. Within the next 10 days, please forward any comments or concerns to the AAC Chair, Helen Biblehimer, Elliott Hall 203, ext. 4521,

The Library department has proposed the following Curricular change to its Master's program in School Library and Information Technology:


#1 Action: Course Change Request LSC 560 Seminar/Residency and Practicum in School Librarianship

Purpose and Nature of the Change: Change the number of credits to 1-4 cr. Previously the credits were 2-4 credits.


#2 Action: Program Change Proposal: School Library and Information Technology

Rationale for changes: Students who only want to get a Master's degree and have no interest in becoming certified are not required to complete the Residency or Practicum portions of the online School Library and Information Technologies program. As a result, they will only need a total of 31 credits. Therefore, the number of credits to complete the program must be changed to 31 - 34 credits instead of the present 32 - 34 credits.




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