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Curriculum Action Notice


Academic Affairs Committee


September 16, 2002

This is a bulletin from the Academic Affairs Committee concerning proposed curriculum actions. Within the next 10 days, please forward any comments or concerns to the AAC Chair, Helen Biblehimer, Elliott Hall 203, ext. 4521,

The department of Psychology has requested the following curricular actions:

#1 Action: Program Change Proposal: B.S. Psychology

Rationale for change: Meet State System of Higher Education mandate to standardize programs of study at 120 credit hours. Change can be accomplished with no additional adjustments or impact on general education.

List all changes: Reduce required number of credits for graduation from 128 to 120


#2 Action : Course Change Request: PSY 4495 Preprofessional Experience

Purpose and Nature of change: Reduce the maximum number of internship credits from 15 to 12 :
Change the title to "Internship"

Clarify catalog description and approval process for enrolling:
Course Description for Catalog (limit to four sentences):
Provides practical experience and beginning professional skills to selected students. This an internship that will focus on applied skills, community service, or research work in settings appropriate to student's interests and curriculum, including mental health and other human service programs, hospitals, human resource offices, and industrial or governmental agencies. The goal is to relate theoretical learning to practical applications.
Prerequisite: At least junior standing as a psychology major and approval of department faculty. May be taken for 6 through 12 credits.



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