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Academic Affairs Committee


September 30, 2002

This is a bulletin from the Academic Affairs Committee concerning proposed curriculum actions. Within the next 10 days, please forward any comments or concerns to the AAC Chair, Helen Biblehimer, Elliott Hall 203, ext. 4521,

The Art department has requested the following curricular changes:

Action: Program Change Proposal ART - BSE

Rationale: Reduce the number of credits from 128 to the required 120-hour.

New core studio requirements (44SH)

ART 2240 2-D
ARH 1101 Intro to Art (under Gen Ed electives)
ART 2244 3-D
ART 3301 Oil Painting or ART 3261 Waterbase
ART 3331 Printmaking
ART 3351 Jewelry
ART 2238 Multicultural Crafts
ART 2218 Photography
ART 3271 Ceramics
ART 2248 Drawing
ART 3281 Sculpture
ART 4403 Seminar
ART 3300 Visual studies
ARH 3331 Modern Art History (under Humanities)
ART 3365 Computer Art

New Professional Education course requirement: 30 SH

ARE 2211 Introduction to Art Education
ARE 3390 Art Curriculum and Teaching in Elementary Schools
ARE 3393 Art Curriculum and Teaching in Secondary Schools
ARE 4400 Student Teaching
SPED 3275 Inclusion of Diverse Learners
ED 1102 Introduction to Education
ED PSY 2205 Educational Psychology

Move to Humanities: ARH 3331 Modern Art History

ART 3298 Puppetry
ART 4498 Advanced Puppetry
ART 3346 Fibers workshop
ART 3347 Spinning & Weaving
ARE 4444 Art and Recreation for the Handicapped
ART 4430 Advanced Digital
ART 3396 Advanced crafts.

Course Changes:

ARE 3390 Elementary written to reflect History & Philosophy component.
ARE 3393 Secondary written to reflect History & Philosophy component.
ART 4403 Seminar to include an exhibition.
ARE 2211 Introduction to Art Education (Number and hours).
-Renumber the following courses to align with level of instruction students receive:

Old Number
New Number
ART 2248(Drawing)
ART 2251
ART 2201
ART 3301(Oil Ptng)
ART 3302
ART 4401(Adv Oil)
ART 2231
ART 3331
ART 4431(Adv Print)
ART3330(Dig Photo)
ART5514 ART5531(Grad Print)

New Courses:
ART 2238 Multicultural Crafts
ART 3338 Advanced Multicultural Crafts

New or updated requirements:
Incoming freshmen and transfer students must successfully complete an interview and portfolio review conducted by the art faculty prior to admittance into the art department. Review dates are as follows:
Fall admittance: before April 30th
Spring admittance: before November 15th
Successfully pass a faculty interview prior to admittance into the art education program and prior to taking professional education courses: are 3390 and /or are 3393. This will take place during the final semester of the sophomore year. (see attached assessment instrument).
Meet the entrance criteria for admission to the certification program in art education. (see attached)
Seniors are required to have an exhibition (covered under art 4403: seminar)

Program description for catalog:
Incoming Freshmen and transfer students must successfully complete an interview and a portfolio review conducted by Art Faculty. Portfolios must be submitted under Art Department guidelines (see student handbook or Art Department webpage Deadlines are: Fall admittance prior to April 30th; Spring admittance prior to November 15th. Art Education majors are required to meet the QPA requirements in effect in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania at the time they are admitted to the professional education program (after completion of 48-semester-hours), at the time of student teaching, and at graduation. Also at the point of admission to the professional education programs, students must also have: a negative TB tine test; pass the Act 34 State Police; and Act 151 Child Abuse clearances. Students are also required to complete the following academic requirements: six hours of math; three hours of English composition; and three hours of English literature. Art Education majors must successfully pass an oral interview conducted by the Art faculty prior to taking 3300 level professional Art Education courses. Students conclude these educational experiences with student teaching during their senior year.


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