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Academic Affairs Committee


October 21, 2002

This is a bulletin from the Academic Affairs Committee concerning proposed curriculum actions. Within the next 10 days, please forward any comments or concerns to the AAC Chair, Helen Biblehimer, Elliott Hall 203, ext. 4521,

The department of Chemistry and Physics has requested the following curricular action:

New Program: B.S. Chemistry Nanotechnology

Rationale for program: The SSHE has created a nanotechnology initiative. To help this enterprise progress, the SSHE and Pennsylvania State University have formed a Nanofabrication Manufacturing Technology (NMT) partnership. This relationship enables adequately prepared students enrolled in one of the SSHE universities to complete a one semester (18 credit hour) lab experience in nanotechnology at the Penn State Nanofabrication Facility. We would like to take advantage of this opportunity by creating a nanotechnology concentration within the Chemistry major.
Degree and Program Title: B.S. Chemistry Nanotechnology Concentration
This degree program will have the same general education and core chemistry requirements as the Chemistry and Biochemistry Concentrations.
Required courses in the general education blocks:

(i) MA 2231 in the Mathematics block,
(ii) CHM 1111 and PHY 2210 in the Natural Science block, and
(iii) MA 2232, CHM 1112, and PHY 2211 in the Gen Ed Electives block.

The core courses (49 credits) will remain:
CHM 1111 General Chem I 4
CHM 1112 General Chem II 4
CHM 3301 Organic I 4
CHM 3301 Organic II 4
CHM 3311 Quantitative Analysis4
CHM 3321 Physical I 4
CHM 3331 Instrumental 4
CHM 4410 Seminar (x 2) 2
MA 2231 Calculus I 4
MA 2332 Calculus II 4
MA xxx Elective above MA 125 3
PHY 2210 Physics I 4
PHY 2111 Physics II 4

The electives will include the one-semester experience at a Nanotechnology Lab and a choice of Physical Chemistry II, Advanced Inorganic Chemistry, Qualitative Organic Chemistry or Advanced Organic Chemistry:

SCI 3270 Nanotechnology Lab Experience 18
CHM 3322 Physical II 4
CHM 4431 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry 4
CHM 4420 Qualitative Organic Chemistry 4
CHM 4421 Advanced Organic Chemistry 3

This degree program will have 108 credits specified in general education and courses required for the major.

Program Description for Catalog: The B.S. degree in chemistry with nanotechnology concentration is designed for students who want a chemistry education that concentrates on the rapidly growing field of nanotechnology and nanomanufacturing. This degree requires a one semester (18 credit hour) nanomanufacturing lab experience at the Penn State Nanofabrication Facility. Some career opportunities for students completing this program include employment in pharmaceutical, biomedical, semiconductor, microelectronic, and optoelectronic industries. This program is excellent preparation for graduate study in solid-state chemistry, materials science, and microelectronics.

Program Objectives: The program objective is to offer an exciting and challenging alternative degree program that will hopefully result in more chemistry graduates

Demand for Program (attach a market analysis): No market analysis is necessary. Creation of this degree is in accord with the SSHE nanotechnology initiative and is in response to their request to have such degree programs available.

Faculty qualifications: The graduate work of Dr. Antonio Ambrosio was in the discipline of condensed matter physics. This past summer Dr. Ambrosio completed an intensive training session at the Penn State Nanofabrication Facility. Dr. Michael J. Chester was a surface physicist prior to working at Mansfield University. Dr. Gregory Carson has also studied surface chemistry during his educational career.


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