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Academic Affairs Committee


October 21, 2002

This is a bulletin from the Academic Affairs Committee concerning proposed curriculum actions. Within the next 10 days, please forward any comments or concerns to the AAC Chair, Helen Biblehimer, Elliott Hall 203, ext. 4521,

The department of Music has requested the following curricular action:

Program Change: Bachelor of Music in Music Education

Rationale for Change:

  • TO MEET STATE MANDATE OF 120 HOUR DEGREE PROGRAMS (This proposal brings music ed to 121 hours)

List all changes

Program: Current degree revised to meet State mandate for 120 hour program and to meet NASM Accreditation and PDE mandates.
Deletion of courses: no courses are added.
Delete: MAP 102 Voice II for instrumental music majors and fold information into MAP 101 Voice I
Reduce: MAP 33XX from 2 credits to variable 1-2 credits in the freshmen year.Or create 2 sections for each applied area with section one reserved for first and second semester freshmen, section 02 for upper division students. The change in hours will reflect recognition that the freshmen require more rudimentary study. The 1 credit better reflects the work required of freshmen as they enter the music program.

The following changes are proposed relating to cross-counting music courses in the general education block: (Total 9 hrs - 6 in humanities and 3 in Fine Arts)

Proposed Change
MU 2221 Classic and Romantic Music
Accept in Humanities 3 SH
MU 2222 20th Century Music
Accept in Humanities 3 SH

*Only 3 SH total of MEN would count in Fine Arts. Additional credits in these areas are required of the music education degree.

MEN 300 Concert Choir
Accept in Fine Arts* 1 SH
MEN 301 Festival Chorus
Accept in Fine Arts* 1 SH
MEN 303 Mansfieldians
Accept in Fine Arts* 1 SH
MEN 330 Concert Wind Ensemble Accept in Fine Arts* 1 SH
MEN 331 Marching Band
Accept in Fine Arts* 1 SH
MEN 332 Symphonic Band
Accept in Fine Arts* 1 SH
MEN 335 Jazz Ensemble
Accept in Fine Arts* 1 SH
MEN 350 Orchestra Accept in Fine Arts* 1 SH

Total Hours Anticipated in Cross-Counting *9 SH

Effect proposal has on other programs:

The deletion of courses and the reduction of applied credit hours in the freshmen year will have no effect on other programs. The acceptance of 6 hours of music history in the Humanities Block and 3 hours of music ensemble in the Fine Arts Block and Ed 205 in the Social Sciences Block will obviously decrease the number of students taking courses in the humanities and fine arts relative to the number of music students taking such courses in any given year.



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