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Academic Affairs Committee


September 25, 2003

This is a bulletin from the Academic Affairs Committee concerning proposed curricular actions. Please forward any comments or concerns in the next 10 days to the AAC chair, Flor Blanco, Belknap Hall 110A, Ext. 4604,

The department of Philosophy has requested the following curricular changes:

# 1 Action: New course: PHL 2200 Critical Thinking

Purpose and Nature of Course: To improve the student's critical thinking ability through a study of logic and practice exercises.

Course description for the catalogue:
This course is designed to improve a student's ability to recognize and evaluate arguments and claims as they occur in a variety of contexts, such as editorials, articles, debates, newscasts, speeches, advertisements, and conversations. Logical fallacies common ways in which arguments go wrong will be studied along with the features of good reasoning. Various forms of inductive or informal argumentation will be analyzed, including scientific, legal and everyday reasoning.

# 2 Action:
Course Change: PHL 2230 Introduction to Logic

Purpose and nature of change: Title, Content and Number change due to an addition of course to complement this one.

New Title: Formal Logic

New Number: 3230

Old description:
Studies the basic principles of deductive and inductive thinking. Includes informal as well as formal logic. Syllogistic reasoning and elementary symbolic logic may be introduced. Fallacies in advertising, statistical arguments, political campaigns, and everyday speech are examined.

New description:
PHL 3230 Formal Logic (3) Examines forms of argumentation and formal reasoning, including inductive inference, categorical syllogisms, and propositional logic. In addition to examining both standard and non-standard categorical arguments, this course provides an introduction to symbolic notation, the use of truth tables, and the rules of natural deduction. Required for the Philosophy Major.

# 3 Action:
Course Change: PHI 3345 American Philosophy

Purpose and nature of change: Title and content change to reflect current faculty expertise and developments in the field.

New Title: North American Philosophies

Old description:
Examines the main movements in American thought, especially the pragmatic. Course focus is on the relation between American philosophy and other aspects of the American experience and character. Classical and contemporary figures are treated. Examines specifically American thought outside of academic philosophy, e.g. in economics, literature, and psychology. Prerequisites: PHL 2201, 2202 or permission of instructor.

New description:
PHL 3345 NORTH AMERICAN PHILOSOPHIES (3) Examines some of the major trends in philosophy in the U.S and Canada, especially pragmatism and idealism. The course will focus on the relation of philosophy to other aspects of the North American experience, e.g. religion, education, economics, politics, and culture. Attention will be paid to the differences between Native American, European American, and African American traditions.

PHL 201, or 202, or permission of instructor

# 4 Action:
Course Deletion: PHL 3350

Rationale for deletion: Will be joined with PHL 3360 in a new course; this action will bring about higher enrollments and a greater frequency of offering.

# 5. Action:
Course Deletion: PHL 3360

Rationale for deletion: Will be joined with PHL 3350 in a new course; this action will bring about higher enrollments and a greater frequency of offering.

# 6. Action:
New Course: PHL 3470 Theories of Mind and Knowledge

Description for the catalogue:
PHL 3470 Theories of Mind and Knowledge (3) A study of some of the philosophical theories involved in understanding the nature of the human mind and what constitutes knowledge. Some of the topics or concepts which may be examined are behaviorism, identity theory, folk psychology, functionalism, consciousness, intentionality, belief, justification, skepticism, and artificial intelligence. Attention will be paid to recent developments in neuroscience and the social sciences, especially psychology.

PHL 2201 or PHL 2202 or permission of the instructor

# 7. Action:
Program Change: BA Philosophy

Rationale for change: Courses have been deleted or combined. There are number changes and/or changes to content descriptions. These changes will not adversely affect any student currently enrolled.

List all changes:
1) Require PHL 3230 rather than 2230. (Number and slight content change)
2) 20th Century Requirement: 3 sh from the following 3390, 3470, 4423

# 8. Action:
New Course: PHL 3260 Topics in Professional Ethics

Purpose and Nature of Course: Using a variety of contemporary examples and case studies, we will teach students how to evaluate and make decisions within different professional fields. Facilitates improvement in students' problem solving and analytical thinking skills. This course can be used to fulfill general education portfolio requirement necessary for graduation.

Description for the catalogue:
This course will examine both moral reasoning and ethical principles as they apply to issues and practices in such professions as business, education, law, police work, scientific research, clinical psychology and psychiatry, social work and information technology. Each offering may emphasize different professions or one specific profession. With instructor's approval, may be repeated for credit.

Prerequisites: PHL 2201, 2202 or permission of instructor



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