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October 25, 2006

This is a bulletin from the Academic Affairs Committee concerning proposed curricular actions. Please forward any comments or concerns in the next 10 days to the AAC chair, Teri Doerksen, G04C Belknap Hall, ext. 4588.

Curricular Action Notice: Anthropology
Courses deleted
3305: Native North Americans
3260: Archaeological Methods
Course change requests
1101: Cultural Anthropology
New catalog copy:
Introduction to culture as a conceptional mode and to the variations in behavior systems found among human societies. Cultural institutions are examined including the process associated with their development and change. This course provides a basic introduction to cultural anthropology, the study of human cultural variation across time and space. It will follow an evolutionary framework in dealing with human cultural systems including kinship, social organization, political organization, language, economics, and religion.

2250: Anthropology of Gender
New catalog copy:
An introduction to the cultural diversity of gender roles with emphasis on the roles of women, gender bias, and cultural definitions of men and women. This course introduces student to cross-cultural views in women’s issues including women’s empowerment, and promotion of equal rights. Student will be exposed to related theories, research, and practice.

World Cultures
New catalog copy: Comparative study of selected major cultural areas of the world. Institutional patterns characterizing the cultural complex of Europe and Southeast Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, North and South America and Africa south of the Sahara will be examined. This course improves cultural understanding by developing awareness, appreciation, understanding, and sensitivity to other cultures around the world. It looks at the pattern of culture change over time and its impact on people. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor

3310: Ethnographic Field Methods
Course number change requested (was 4410:
Ethnographic Field Methods)
New catalog copy: Preparation for conducting qualitative research including organizing for the field work, collecting, and analyzing ethnographic data. Provides training in several qualitative research methods such as Participant Observation, the Life Story Interview, Freelisting, and Pile Sorting. Students apply the methods to demonstrate their skills in conducting their own qualitative research projects.

4440: Anthropology of Religion
Name change requested (was 4440: Anthropology of Belief Systems)
New catalog copy: This course explores how societies construct meaning through belief systems. Symbolic systems that will be explored cross-culturally include indigenous religion, witchcraft, magic, shamanism, and cultural spirituality. Students will study the evolution of religious values over time and the impact of religion on society.

New course requests
1103: Introduction to Archaeological Anthropology
Catalog copy: Review of basic archaeological concepts. The human cultural and biological evolution from the Paleolithic time period to development of organized societies is covered. A brief world archaeological history will be discussed. How ecological and cultural factors affect humans over time is examined.

ANH 2885: Health, Culture and Disease
Catalog copy: This course will address cross-culturally the relationship between culture, health, and illness. Students will study theoretical orientations and key issues such as the cross-cultural diversity of health beliefs and practices at home and abroad. Contemporary issues and special populations e.g. AIDS, women’s health, children at risk, homelessness, immigrants, obesity will be studied.

2995: Anthropology of Health and Medicine
Catalog copy: This course covers cross-cultural views about illness, healing, and the body. It explains the biomedical approach to illness and explores how cultural conceptions shape the experience of illness. Students will examine the approaches to childbirth, menstruation, and menopause that are influenced by culture.  Also investigates how beliefs about illness and medication are linked to social and political policies by thoroughly reviewing case studies from Asia, Africa and Latin America.

4545: Anthropological Demography
Catalog copy: Study of human population growth and composition from an anthropological perspective. The focus is on basic demography, demographic theory, reproduction, the demographic transition, the role of culture in population change, and paleo-demography. The course will also provide exposure to current demographic measures and projections both in the US and around the world.

ANH 4499: Applied Anthropology 3 -6 cr.
Catalog copy: This course prepares students to apply social science research skills in assessing and finding solution to community problems. Students will learn concepts, methods, and analysis strategies in qualitative and quantitative research methods appropriate for their research topics. It also provides students with skills to write a research paper for presentation purpose.

ANH 4445: Professional Development 1 cr.
Catalog copy: A workshop-style course to develop students’ professional skills. It prepares students to organize their skills and expertise, and exposes them to networks in their area of interest. It Equips students with necessary tools for career entry and advancement.

Course cross-listing requests

ANH 1104: Anthropology of Language and Communication = ENG 1175 Nature of Language
This course explores “the nature of language”, looking at what language is, how we learn and use language, and how language functions in and shapes our lives.
ANH 3333: South and Southeast Asian Ethnology = HST 3275: History of South and Southeast Asia
An historical study of the peoples of South and Southeast Asian countries from ancient to the present. Also covers the indigenous religions of the region. Includes the Indian subcontinent and SE Asian countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

ANH 3335: Paleoanthropoloy = BI 3355: Paleobiology
Examines the origin and subsequent evolution of life over the past four billion years. The paleobiology and geologic history of major animal and plant group are discussed. The course includes field trips to local and regional fossil sites. Prerequisties: BI 1110, BI 1130, and BI 3350
ANH 3390 Evolution = BI 3391: Evolution
A study of the basic theory, mechanisms, and pathways of natural selection. Also studies the development of evolutionary thought from antiquity to the current gradualist and punctuated equilibrium models. Both genetic and paleontological data are analyzed in examining micro and macroevolutionary scenario.
ANH 3296: European Ethnography (HST 3296) Topics in European History – Ancient Greece
A special area of European history that is of current interest.
ANH 3332: Anthropology of Communication =COM 3332: Cross Cultural Communication
This course explores theory and practice related to communicating across cultures. Attention is given to verbal and nonverbal communication in varying cross-cultural contexts including dyadic, small group, and public communication situations with examination of dominant cultures and co-cultures. Students should develop an appreciation of global differences among global cultures as well as a practical understanding of how to communicate effectively with people who are different from themselves.
ANH 4471:
Ethnography of Mexico and the Caribbean (HST 4471) History of Mexico and The Caribbean
A survey of Mexico and Caribbean basin from the rise of native civilizations to the revolutions of the 20th century and the aftermath. Studies the interaction of various racial groups, the formation of distinct national identities, and class conflict.
3308: African Cultures = HST 3388: History of Africa
Course renamed (was 3308: Sub-Sahara Africa)
Surveys the history of Africa from Paleolithic times to the present, with particular emphasis on broad regional trends and the formation of African states after 1800.
1102: Introduction to Biological Anthropology = BSC 1104 Human Biology
Course renamed (was 1102: Physical Anthropology: Human Evolution)
BSC 1104: Human Biology: An overview of the human organism. Emphasis involves organization, maintenance, movement and support, integration, reproduction, evolution, and ecology of humans.


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