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Curriculum Action Notice


Academic Affairs Committee


October 25, 2006

This is a bulletin from the Academic Affairs Committee concerning proposed curricular actions. Please forward any comments or concerns in the next 10 days to the AAC chair, Teri Doerksen, G04C Belknap Hall, ext. 4588.

Curricular Action Notice: Maximum Summer Credits Policy

The policy regarding the number of credits for which a student may register during the summer sessions at Mansfield University is as follows:

We recommend a student take no more than six credits during one session (SU or SF) for a total of 12 credits for the entire summer. If after carefully consulting with your academic advisor, you both find reasons for taking additional credits and you have no other significant obligations during the time of the courses, you may register for a maximum of 15 credits across the entire summer. All requests for credits greater than 15 must be petitioned to the Dean of the Faculty. No more than nine credits may be taken per summer session without petition. No more than six credits may be taken per three-week session without petition.

The Registrar’s Office will be monitoring the number of credits registered and will be enforcing the policy. Students not in compliance will be contacted to rearrange their schedules.


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