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November 1, 2006

This is a bulletin from the Academic Affairs Committee concerning proposed curricular actions. Please forward any comments or concerns in the next 10 days to the AAC chair, Teri Doerksen, G04C Belknap Hall, ext. 4588.

Curricular Action Notice: Minor in Leadership Studies

New Program Proposal: Minor in Leadership Studies

Program Description for Catalog:
The minor in Leadership Studies provides students with an opportunity to study, apply and synthesize interdisciplinary perspectives of leadership. The minor helps students: understand the theory and practice of leadership; gain an understanding of their potential and styles of leadership, communicate effectively in a variety of situations; understand and apply ethical leadership practices; develop and apply effective critical thinking and problem solving skills; understand the interdisciplinary nature of leadership; understand the relationship between diversity and leadership; and, learn to lead effectively in a variety of situations.

A. Core courses (required - 6 credit hours):
LDR 3325, Introduction to Leadership Studies (3 credit hours
LDR 4425, Leadership Seminar (3 credit hours).

B. Select one course (3 credit hours) from each of the following three clusters (9 credit hours):

1. Communication (3 credit hours):
COM 3332, Cross-cultural Communication
COM 3334, Gender and Communication
COM 4401, Persuasion
COM 4485, Small Group Communication

2. Group or organizational process (3 credit hours):
BUS 4451, Managing Organizational Behavior
COM 3360, Organizational Communication
PSY 3311, Introduction to Small Group Processes
SOC 3301, Organizational Behavior
SWK 3350, Social Work Practice with Small Groups*
SWK 3351, Social work Practice with Communities and Organizations*

3. Ethics (3 credit hours):
PHL 2202, Contemporary Moral Problems
PHL 3316, Environmental Ethics
PHL 3260, Topics in Professional Ethics
PHL 3380, Health Care Ethics

C. Select two elective courses (6 credit hours) from the list below or any of the other courses not selected within the three clusters above in Part B. Other courses may also be eligible as approved by the Leadership Studies Minor Steering Committee, such as special topics courses, as appropriate. [Note: No more than two courses from any single discipline (prefix) may be taken to fulfill the requirements for the minor.]

Courses that emphasize learning about leaders and leadership:
HST 2220, World War II
HST 4420, Nazi Germany
HST 3295, British Royal Biography
ENG 2220, Civil Rights
ENG 2220/3320, Literary Leaders
PSC 3301, Civic Engagement and Participation
PSC 4402, President and Congress

Courses that enhance understanding, self-awareness and skills related to leadership:
AHD 2201, Personal Development
ANH 3301, World Cultures
BUS 3325, Business Leadership
BUS 3310, Managing Diversity
COM 3330, Parliamentary Procedure
HPE 4420, Human Behavior in Coaching
NUR 4460, Current Issues in Professional Nursing*
NUR 4480, Leadership and Management in Nursing*
PHL 2200, Critical Thinking
PSY 3316, Human Resource Management II
PSY 4430, Theories of Personality

*Courses available only to students in those majors.

Program Objectives:
Understand the theory and practice of leadership
Gain an understanding of one’s own potential and styles of leadership
Communicate effectively in a variety of situations
Understand and apply ethical leadership practices
Develop and apply effective critical thinking and problem solving skills
Understand the interdisciplinary nature of leadership
Understand the relationship between diversity and leadership
Lead effectively in a variety of situations

Course Change Request: LDR 3325 Introduction to Leadership Studies (was PSY/PSC 3325 Advanced Leadership)
Purpose and nature of change: Changing course title and catalogue prefix to reflect status as the entry course to the Leadership Studies Minor (the “advanced” in the old title was only there historically to distinguish it from the one-credit PSY 2225, Leadership skills) course which is only rarely taught since the implementation of the Mountaineer Leadership Program).
Course Description for Catalog (limit to four sentences):
Provides students with an in-depth understanding of leadership studies and examines applications of leadership principles to the college environment as well as other settings in the community. Students participate in a campus or community setting where they can study and apply these principles. Serves as an entry into the Minor in Leadership Studies. Prerequisite: 45 credit hours completed or permission of the instructor.

New Course Request: LDR 4425 Leadership Seminar
Purpose and Nature of Course: To provide a capstone seminar and applied practicum experience in the Minor in Leadership Studies.
Course Description for Catalog (limit to four sentences):
A leadership seminar and practicum that provides a capstone to the Minor in Leadership Studies. Students will synthesize and integrate their interdisciplinary studies of leadership, complete self-assessments on their leadership abilities, complete a leadership portfolio with a focus on their future development as leaders, and initiate and complete an applied leadership project in the campus or community environment.

Topical Outline for PSY 4425, Leadership Capstone Seminar:
Students will:
Synthesize and integrate their learning in the Leadership Studies Minor.
Self-assess and analyze their skills and abilities related to successfully adopting leadership roles in their future professional and civic roles.
Read and examine two key works in leadership studies.
Complete a personal Leadership Development Strategic Plan.
Design, plan and implement an applied leadership project in a campus or community setting.
Present the results of their applied project to the campus community.
Complete a Personal Leadership Portfolio.


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