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October 24, 2007

This is a bulletin from the Academic Affairs Committee concerning proposed curricular actions. Please forward any comments or concerns in the next 10 days to the AAC chair, Premalatha Junius, G04C Belknap Hall, ext. 4588.

Curricular Action Notice: New Course NUR 1120
Department: Health Sciences

Purpose and Nature of Course:
This course introduces first year students to some of the core public health topics such as: biostatistics; epidemiology; environmental and occupational health; behavioral health; health policy and administration; maternal and child health and ethics. It will meet most students wellness elective credits (except for nutrition or nursing majors), and is a course recommended by the American Association of Colleges and Universities for all students in their general education curriculum (see AACU document at the following site

Prefix: NUR_________ Number: _1120_______________
Course Title: Public Health & Social Justice
Credits __3__ Undergraduate
Clock Hours: Lecture __3___
Contract Hours: Lecture __3__
Course Description for Catalog:
This course is designed to provide an overview of public health with an emphasis on the population perspective and the cross-cutting ecological nature of public health including the population impacts of healthcare systems. Discussions will integrate social justice issues, epidemiology and other public health concepts, with discussions primarily limited to the United States and occasional references to global implications. This course does not meet wellness credits or upper level nursing elective requirements for nutrition or nursing majors.

Prerequisites: __None___
Estimated Frequency of Offering: ___________every fall________________________________
List 1 – 3 sample textbooks for this course:
________no textbooks used, this course utilizes online resources only, see syllabus____________________
Describe any student enrollment restrictions (limited to majors in program XXX, restricted from majors in program XXX, etc.)- First year students preferred, but upper level students will be allowed with instructor permission.
Request that Course be considered for General Education Credit.
a. __X___ Satisfy a Group Requirement – specify Group _____Wellness____
b. _____ Satisfy Global Awareness Requirement
c. _____ Satisfy Information Literacy Requirement
d. _____ Satisfy a “Professional Course” for Block 6



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