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Curriculum Action Notice


Academic Affairs Committee


November 14, 2007

This is a bulletin from the Academic Affairs Committee concerning proposed curricular actions. Please forward any comments or concerns in the next 10 days to the AAC chair, Premalatha Junius, G04C Belknap Hall, ext. 4588.

1. Curricular Action Notice: Program Change
Department: Psychology
Rationale for change: Update and strengthen our statement on minimum grades for entry courses into the major consistent with changes to the curriculum made in 2006-2007.

Program Description for Catalog (if changed):
Only this paragraph will be changed. New wording in bold: “All students in the major must obtain grades of C or higher in PSY 1101 and either PSY 1151 or PSY 3353 (whichever they take upon entering the major) to continue in the program. Students may retake these courses once to meet the standard. Those who fail to meet the standard may not continue in the major and will be advised in the selection of a new major.

Impact on other programs (if any): BS.PSY, BS.CSLG, BS.LSDT, BS.MBH, BS.HRM
2. Curricular Action Notice: Course Change
Department: Psychology
Purpose and nature of change: Change in grading policy: Change from Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) to Letter Grades (A…F). Purpose: to better connect grading to the quality of students’ internship work.
Old Prefix: __PSY 4495________________ Old Number: ________________ Old CIP:_______________
New Prefix: __________________ New Number: ________________ New CIP:______________
Old Course Title: __Internship_______________________________________________________
New Course Title: ________________________________________________________
List all programs that require this course. Provide support from affected departments.
__BS.PSY/CSLG/LSDT/MBH______ _BS.HRM____________
Describe Evaluative Techniques
FINAL EVALUATION. All internship experiences receive a letter grade (A … F) based on the quality of the student’s work during the internship. The on-site supervisor will complete a Student Performance Evaluation. The Psychology faculty director will use the results from the Student Performance Evaluation as well as the goal attainment and reporting process to determine if the student has performed satisfactorily during the internship experience and will assign a letter grade using a grading rubric developed by the Psychology Department faculty. The final grade will also reflect the quality and timeliness of mid-term and final written reports, work assignments and progress notes.



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