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Academic Affairs Committee


February 27, 2008

This is a bulletin from the Academic Affairs Committee concerning proposed curricular actions. Please forward any comments or concerns in the next 10 days to the AAC chair, Premalatha Junius, G04C Belknap Hall, ext. 4588.

Curricular Action Notice: New Course Request, LS 1102 & GES Request for LS 1102

1. Date: 2/21/08             Department: Academic  & Human Development
2. Purpose and Nature of Course:  To enhance and develop individual learning strategies for success in and out of the classroom.  The course will provide a framework for examining and enhancing students’ learning through a self-created and values-based approach to life and learning. Designed for the underprepared students but appropriate for all.
3. Prefix: LS(Liberal Studies)    Number: 1102   CIP:
4. Course Title: Learning Strategies for Higher Education
Abbreviated Title (for Master Schedule), Maximum 20 spaces
Credits (Place number of credits beside appropriate types)
Credit(s) 1 Undergraduate                     
Credit(s) Graduate                               
For variable credits, list Minimum Credit ; Maximum Credits     
6.         Clock Hours:               Lecture 1                 Recitation          Lab
            Contract Hours:                       Lecture              Recitation          Lab
7. To repeat for additional credit (not repeat of previously earned grade), list maximum
hours of credit that may be earned over multiple Semesters semester hours.
8. Course Description for Catalog (limit to four sentences):

Designed to enhance and develop learning strategies for creating academic success.  Topics will include but not be limited to: meta-cognition, collaborative learning and learning strategies.  Students will have the opportunity to directly apply new learning strategies to enhance their current course work.
9. Prerequisites: (Courses which MUST be completed prior to taking this course) None
10. Co-requisites: (Courses which must be taken prior to or simultaneously with) None
11. If taught dual-level or cross-listed with another department, list:  N/A
Prefix    Number Support Signature
If dual-level, attach a document that indicates content, assignments and assessments for graduate and undergraduate courses.

12 Courses to be eliminated:  (Course deletion form must be completed):
Prefix   Number
If none:  How will increased offerings be staffed?
New position
13. New faculty resources needed?   X Yes   No
14. Requested initial date of offering (Must meet new catalog deadline of March 1) Fall 2008
15. Estimated Frequency of Offering: Every semester
16. New Library Resources Needed?  Yes   X No  If yes:
Signature of appropriate librarian indicating needs can be met:

17.       New Technology Resources Needed? Yes   X No, if yes:
Signature of Director of Information Technology indicating needs can be met: 
18.       New Equipment resources needed?  Yes   X No, if yes:
            Describe Equipment: 
            Source of funding: 
19.       List 1 – 3 sample textbooks for this course: 
· Ellis, Dave. Becoming a Master Student. Houghton Mifflin Company, 2006
· Paulk, Walter. How to Study in College. Ross J.Q.Owens, 2007
· Downing, Skip. On Course, Strategies for Creating Success in College and in Life.  Houghton Mifflin Company, 2008
20.       Describe any student enrollment restrictions (limited to majors in program XXX, restricted from majors in program XXX, etc.) None
21.       Request that Course be considered for General Education Credit.  Please check all
            applicable boxes.
a. X Satisfy a Group Requirement – specify Group Wellness
b. Satisfy Global Awareness Requirement
c. Satisfy Information Literacy Requirement
d. Satisfy a “Professional Course” for Block 6
Provide support for this request.
This course will promote appropriate strategies and behaviors that support and augment   a student’s academic and personal well being.

22.       Does this course impact any Education Programs?  Yes   X No
            If Yes:  Signature of Chair of TEC must appear below.


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