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Academic Affairs Committee


February 27, 2008

This is a bulletin from the Academic Affairs Committee concerning proposed curricular actions. Please forward any comments or concerns in the next 10 days to the AAC chair, Premalatha Junius, G04C Belknap Hall, ext. 4588.

Curricular Action Notice: New Course Request, LS 4435
Department:     Academic & Human Development

Purpose and Nature of Course:  This “capstone type” course, is a field-based experience, integrating a student’s General Education course work with course work in their minor or minors. It is intended for students who are not permitted an internship in their minor, but who would benefit from an opportunity to expand their university experience by participating in a supervised, pre-professional work placement.

Prefix:  LS (Liberal Studies)   Number:           4435    CIP: 240199

Course Title:    Liberal Studies Integrative Internship
Abbreviated Title (for Master Schedule), Maximum 20 spaces
Integrative Internship

Credits (Place number of credits beside appropriate types)
Credit(s) __X___ Undergraduate                    
Credit(s) _____ Graduate                               
For variable credits, list Minimum Credit     ;   Maximum Credits        6
Clock Hours:               Lecture _____             Recitation _____         Lab _____
            Contract Hours:                       Lecture _____             Recitation _____         Lab _____
To repeat for additional credit (not repeat of previously earned grade), list maximum credits
that may be earned over multiple Semesters. Students may earn six credit hours in an academic semester or summer.

Course Description for Catalog (limit to four sentences): The Liberal Studies Integrative Internship is a supervised and evaluated opportunity for Liberal Studies students to apply knowledge acquired and skills introduced in General Education courses, with specific skills presented in the student’s minor/s. A detailed proposal is required highlighting specific learning objectives and measurable outcomes. The course is offered each semester and summer. Course Credit is six hours.

Prerequisites: (Courses which MUST be completed prior to taking this course)           All course work completed in minor/s and within 18 credit hours of graduation. Departmental approval based on student readiness and appropriateness of proposed placement.
Co-requisites: (Courses which must be taken prior to or simultaneously with) ___________

Courses to be eliminated:  (Course deletion form must be completed):
Prefix _____  Number _____
If none:  How will increased offerings be staffed? Supervision by student’s advisor within AHD or other appropriate AHD department faculty member.

List 1 – 3 sample textbooks for this course: 
            Research project developed in concert with site supervisor and course coordinator.
Describe any student enrollment restrictions.  This option is limited to Liberal Studies students who may not complete an internship in their designated minor.

Attach a topical outline. Students seeking the Integrative Internship will follow the University’s procedure requesting approval through the AHD department and Dean of Faculty/Provost. (Forms attached.)
Describe Evaluative Techniques: Students’ will be required be submit weekly logs charting progress toward approved Internship objectives. Each student is required to present a written report highlighting a specific element of their experience. A presentation, where appropriate, may be required in addition to a written  paper. There will be a meeting with the site supervisor at the mid point and final week of the experience. The final meeting will include a written evaluation by the site supervisor targeting competencies and areas of challenge for the student. Students will be assigned a letter grade by their University faculty supervisor.



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