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Academic Affairs Committee


April 14 , 2008

This is a bulletin from the Academic Affairs Committee concerning proposed curricular actions. Please forward any comments or concerns in the next 10 days to the AAC chair, Premalatha Junius, G04C Belknap Hall, ext. 4588.

1. Curricular Action Notice: New Program, Post-master's Certificate in Nursing Education
Department: Health Sciences and Physical Activities

Rationale for program: 

Post-master's certificate in nursing education: The National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC) accreditation standard for faculty states “faculty members are academically and experientially qualified, and maintain expertise in their areas of responsibility.”  Although the NLNAC does not expect all faculty to have completed courses in nursing education as part of a master's or doctoral degree, it does expect that some nurse educators on a faculty have expertise in this area.  In the Mansfield region as well as across the Commonwealth, most master's prepared nurses have not had nursing education classes.  A post-master's certificate will prepare these master's prepared individuals to teach in nursing programs and staff development departments in clinical agencies.  Completion of a post-master's certificate will give individuals the necessary coursework to sit for the new national nurse educator certification examination.

Students will take the following courses:

  • NUR 5510 – Teaching and Learning Theory for Nurse Educators
  • NUR 5515 – Measurement and Evaluation in Nursing Education
  • NUR 5525 – Teaching and Learning in the College Setting
  • NUR 5530 – Teaching and Learning in the Clinical Setting
  • NUR 5545 – Curriculum Development in Nursing Education

Degree and Program Title

Post-master's certificate in nursing education

Program Description for Catalog:

This 15-credit post-masters in nursing education program gives nurses who already hold master's degrees in nursing the opportunity to gain expertise necessary to be effective nurse educators.  Graduates of the certificate program will be able to design curricula based on current knowledge of nursing, teaching techniques, and learning theory.  They will be able to effectively evaluate students, courses, and programs, as well as participate in accreditation procedures.

Program Objectives:

· Integrate epistemological perspectives from nursing science, education, and evaluation to design, implement, and evaluate nursing curricula.

· Analyze the impact of social, ethical, cultural, economic, and political influences on nursing education and nursing practice

· Analyze implications of legal and ethical accountability of nursing faculty in the classroom and clinical areas.

· Design, implement, and evaluate teaching strategies for the classroom and clinical arenas.

· Synthesize knowledge from nursing science and learning theory to demonstrate the praxis of teaching in the classroom and clinical arenas.

Impact on other programs:

· None.  These students will take the required courses when offered for the MSN program.

Demand for Program (attach a market analysis):

· Several calls from area schools and individuals asking if we offered a post-master's certificate in nursing education

Faculty qualifications: Already in place; will not need new faculty


2.Curricular Action Notice: Program Change, Nursing Program
Department: Health Sciences and Physical Activities

Rationale for change:  Implementation of new “incomplete policy” for the nursing program.

A student with a borderline GPA who is given an incomplete grade for a course may fall below the nursing program GPA standard once the incomplete grade is removed.  If the student's GPA falls below the program standard, he/she is removed from all nursing courses.  Allowing the student to follow the University's policy of having the first 3 weeks of the next semester to remove the incomplete grade puts the student in jeopardy if he/she is a junior or senior nursing student as most of the student's schedule consists of nursing courses.  If the student is enrolled in only nursing courses, he/she must withdraw from the University.

Old Degree and Program Title (attach an old ER):  No change

New Degree and Program Title (attach a new ER): No change

List all changes:  Incomplete Policy for the Nursing Program

Incomplete grades are only given in serious, mitigating circumstances that are beyond the student's control.  Unless an unforeseeable event occurs, the student must contact the faculty member before the end of the course and request an incomplete grade in writing, describing the reasons for the request.  An incomplete grade must be removed by the first day of classes of the next semester.

Program Description for Catalog (if changed): No change

Program Objectives (if changed): No change

Impact on other programs (if any): No change




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